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AV Mix Master is a program that let's you be the DJ
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The AV Mix Master or Audio Video Mix Master is an application which lets you become a professional DJ. It is actually a jukebox application. And it provides you with two players to play audio and video files. You can control them by yourself or leave it on AV Mix Master to auto play your favorite audio or video files like a DJ. In the manual mode you can control the playing of media files according to Genre you want to play or you can give rating to your media files and then play according to the star ratings. Or you can fill the now playing list according to your choice and playing direction. But what’s the use of two players? The purpose of two players is that it let you mix your music or media files because AV Mix Master can play both player with different media files at the same time. So it means you can play two media files simultaneously to mix their music. One of its fantastic features is that it shows you the whole track of your media file in a graphical view as you start playing the media file, so it helps you find the silence part of your media file. It also provides you with the advanced search feature to find your media file from your large collection. It gives you the option to search by artist, title or by album names.

Manoj Goel
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  • Provides two players
  • Able to play audio and video files
  • Able to play different files concurrently
  • Provides extended search option


  • Not a freeware
  • Using this tool is a bit complicated
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